Dried dog food and its manufacturing possibilities

Cadlor dog dry food is one of the most popular forms of dog nutrition.  Many of our Caldor and LuCano dry foods have been developed in cooperation with veterinarians to ensure that your dog receives a species-appropriate and healthy food for a long dog life.

There are essentially two manufacturing processes for dry food: cold pressed dog food and extruded food.


Cold pressed dog food

Cold pressed dry fodder is produced without additional use of heat / heat. In the production of cold pressed dog food, the ingredients are first dried and ground. Then the individual feed components are pressed in a large drum by a roller through holes in the drum wall. The pressure during "cold pressing" causes the ingredients to be compressed so much that they stick together. The result is the typical pallets of cold-pressed dog food.


What are the advantages of cold-pressed dog food?

It is true that heat is also generated during the production of cold-pressed dry food. However, the temperatures generated by the pressure in the drum are much lower and gentler with cold-pressed dog food than with extruded food.

The advantage of cold pressed dog food is obvious.

The lower the temperatures used, the more "original" the processed raw materials in the feed are - this means that the dry feed remains "close to nature". The ingredients in cold-pressed dog food thus generally retain their vitamins and nutrients. This means that they often do not need to be added to cold-pressed food.


Extruded food for the dog

The alternative to cold pressed dog food is extruded dog food. The extrusion process is a very gentle method, which is also very often used in the food industry. The nutrients and aromas are largely retained.

While cold-pressed dog food does not require any additional heat input during production, the extrusion process generates comparatively higher temperatures due to water vapour. However, this ensures a higher degree of digestion of the ingredients. This is an important prerequisite for ensuring that vegetables and cereals are easily digestible for the dog. This also increases the compatibility of the pet food. In the extruder, the ingredients such as lamb, chicken, potatoes and vegetables are moved and kneaded by screw shafts in a tube until a dough is formed. This is then pressed through a mould at a processing temperature of 80 - 120 degrees Celsius under high pressure. Hot air drying then follows.


high-quality ingredients for healthy dog food

Regardless of whether our LuCano dry food for dogs is cold-pressed or extruded, the composition of the food and the use of high-quality ingredients play an important role. A high-protein food meets the original nutritional needs of the dog. The natural diet also corresponds to the fact that dogs eat offal such as rumen, liver and also potatoes and fruit / vegetables. Great attention should be paid to the ingredients meat and fish. For dogs that are prone to food allergies, a high-quality LuCano or Canis Gold dry food with fish and potatoes, cereal-free dog food or even hypoallergenic dog food can be a good alternative. These ingredients have proven to be very well digestible.

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