LuCano pure carrot flakes | highly digestible vegetable flakes

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1 kg = 8.00 €

LuCano carrot flakes pure | broken down, highly digestible vegetable flakes through micronisation for all animals that like vegetables.

This dog food supplement contains no artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives and is gluten-free. This product is a PREMIUM quality.

LuCano Carrot Flakes micronised is a high quality single food for dogs, which is thermally broken down for better digestibility.

A valuable supplementary food for all breeds of dog which, as a 100% natural product, already contains the nutrients and active ingredients of around 1 kg of fresh carrots in 100 g. The flakes are soaked and added to the usual daily ration and contain no additives or flavourings.

LuCano Carrot Flakes are especially recommended for

- Puppies and young dogs from the 6th week of life onwards
- in case of intestinal disorders to prevent diarrhoea as a natural protection against infections
- dogs in the change of coat to promote shedding
- Better coat shine and good coat density
- Dark pigmented dogs to naturally improve coat burn
- Pregnant and lactating bitches to meet increased vitamin requirements
- Old dogs to improve immune and mucous membrane protection
- To stimulate appetite
- Overweight dogs as ballast food as part of a diet plan
- Sport and show dogs to regulate stress-related soft defecation
- to strengthen the body's defences
- medication, as a tasty basic food

LuCano carrot flakes are a healthy supplement to fresh meat, frozen meat and canned food.

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Selection: LuCano pure carrot flakes | highly digestible vegetable flakes

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