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My Bird Sommerlenz | breeding and rearing - Menu | for all wild birds 
The daily species-appropriate free feeding of wild birds is an important contribution to the protection of our native birds throughout the year and especially in winter. In spring and summer, this special food supplements the natural food supply of the birds in the breeding and rearing period. This ensures that wild birds and young birds are sufficiently supplied with all essential nutrients. We recommend to protect the food from moisture, to keep the feeding places clean and to remove food remains and excrements daily to contribute positively to the health of the wild birds. Please do not feed any food leftovers or bread crumbs. It is best to set up feeding areas near protection and escape routes.

Please store wild bird food in a dry, cool and dark place. 

Please always provide fresh water, but it should be changed daily, as birds also bathe in it.

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  • Wildvögel
  • Sommerfutter

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